Frequently Asked Questions

We ultrasonically clean each and every used record that goes up on the site. We also let people know when we restock via alerts. Simply put, the best deals go first. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is a time intensive process.

We clean two passes, at two different settings, for a total of 45 minutes. Then, the records need to dry.

As a husband and wife team, there are only so many hours in the day. And, yes, as you guessed it... there most likely is only one copy available of any album listed at any time. And that means we sell out. A lot. And fast.

Great. I get it. Now how can I better my odds?!

Get the Five Buck Bin app for your iPhone or the Five Buck Bin app for your Android phone in the app store.


We send alerts of our on-average (as of 02/10/24) additions to the site of 50+ records, daily, via the app FIRST.

So... I'm just too slow without the app?

Yes. If you are randomly browsing throughout the day or catching notice of record drops on social media... you're going to miss the most desirable stuff.

We do!

If you join our Five Buck Bin Diggers Club, you'll get free shipping every Monday!

Order as many records as you like during the week -- without shipping costs, when you use the code "FREESHIP".

Then, every Monday, we gather them up and send them to you -- same record-appropriate mailers as always! 

Interested? Learn more about Five Buck Bin's Free Ship Mondays here.

When we first started the site, we took pictures of each and every album. At the time, it was necessary. Understandably, people needed a little more proof that yes, we really are crazy enough to clean used records ultrasonically and sell them for $5 each (and more in the wall).

We had a long term plan!

And now that we have reached month 16 (as of this writing on 3/30/24), we are taking advantage of data from Discogs in a programatic way. 

What does all that mean?

We can get a lot more records up, quicker!

And that's a win for everyone.

Now we can and do include Discogs data like track lists, release date, related YouTube videos and more! 

PS - Because we grade for the overall music experience, you may find that you disagree on rare occasion with our grade of a jacket. We tend, but not always, undergrade our vinyl records and slightly undergrade (some writing on the jacket is ok to our eyes) jackets.

Five Buck Bin is managed by a dedicated duo — a husband and wife team, Ed & Cheri. We handle all aspects of the operation, from sourcing the records to ensuring prompt shipment.

The grooves on a vinyl record are so fine that even the best brushes can't get into them. That's where ultrasonic cleaners come in; they're better at getting rid of dirt and dust than anything else we've tried, including cloths or hands!

No. But it can and does make a record in-not-so-mint-condition sound more like one that is!

For the average listener, it is cost prohibitive to buy an ultrasonic cleaner. Prices range from several hundred to several thousands. And that's not all. Then you need to find the time to do the actual cleaning.

Sometimes. They are VG grade or above. However, that doesn't mean you won't find a VG+ or VG++ or even a mint record in our $5 collections. And if you haven't heard what an ultrasonic cleaner can do before for even the most loved VG record... why not give us a try? You'll be amazed!

A VG record is defined by Discogs (by way of Goldmine) as:

"... For many listeners, a VG record or sleeve will be worth the money.

VG records have more obvious flaws than their counterparts in better shape. They lack most of the original gloss found on factory-fresh records. Groove wear is evident on sight, as are light scratches deep enough to feel with a fingernail. When played, a VG record has surface noise, and some scratches may be audible, especially in soft passages and during a song’s intro and ending. But the noise will not overpower the music otherwise."

Five Buck Bin records are VG or above. "The Wall" records are graded as described.

We use our eyes and ears when grading records. They are not your eyes and ears.

With that in mind, we accept returns of same-condition-as-sent records within 30 days for a store credit or a refund. Contact Five Buck Bin for an RMA.

Sounds like you know that we drop new ultrasonic records daily. Did you know we have an app for iPhone and Android phones? Did you know we send notifications via the app when we list new records on the site?

That's how people get so lucky!

Do you want to get lucky? Of course you do. Download the app now!

Included below is our shipping rate table. This FAQ was last edited on 12/3/22. 

On 12/3/22, we renamed our economy class to be more represtative of what you get -- USPS Media Mail, with tracking.

We ship all of our records in record appropriate mailers (we use Uline and Mighty Mailers) with appropriate filler such as cardboard stiffeners and bubble wrap as needed. 

Every record gets a Hudson Hi-Fi 3mm polyethylene outer sleeve and inner rice paper sleeve. All records are placed inside the rice paper sleeve and ship inside the outer protective sleeve, behind the record jacket.

AKA, the gold standard to ensure a safe arrival.

We ship via USPS Media Mail and provide tracking with every order.

We ship Monday - Friday with the occasional Saturday. On average, we ship within 2 business days of your order.

No. But we do play test each and every single record after cleaning. We find the roughest spot(s) and make sure they play through.

We're committed to making quality music accessible at reasonable prices. Our goal is to help you discover records that you'll enjoy.

We have 1000s of records that are making their way to FBB. Chances are if you want it, we have it. Send Five Buck Bin an email! 

We sure do.

As of late November 2022, we've been doing this for roughly three months. And we're expanding!

We recently launched The Wall. It's where we list premium ultrasonic cleaned vinyl. 

Browse our selection of collecitble ultrasonic cleaned records!

We are experienced record sellers who buy records in bulk. We get the best price so that we can pass those savings on to you! 

If you sign up for The Digger's Den, our rewards program, you can earn coupons which you can redeem for free and discounted records! *

* the $5 coupon must be used as part of a purchase with other items.

We do! Please tell us about your record collection for sale via our contact page.

Awesome! Share your love of FBB with all your social media friends! And let us know where you are sharing it. We'd love to know!

No. But we are flattered! Let us do something for you instead. Join Five Buck Bin's loyalty program, The Digger's Den! You get points for your purchases, referrals and social network sharing. Redeem those points for free records and discounts!

In the recording industry, a cut-out refers to a deeply discounted or remaindered copy of an LP, 45 RPM single, cassette tape, compact disc or other item. 

Over the years, these sealed, deeply discounted records found their way to storage warehouses, never to be seen again. Or, until they were found.

We found some! 

So here's what we are doing, starting 02/11/24.

We first list these records in our New Old Stock section. That lets someone that doesn't need or want the ultrasonic cleaning to purchase it right away. In time, we will remove records from the New Old Stock collection and ultrasonically clean them. When finished, they go back on the site as an ultrasonic cleaned used record.

We add new records nearly every day.

We also ultrasonically clean each and every non-sealed record that goes on the site. Really. And as of April 4th, we have sold over 17,000 records. Really again.

So how can you find what you are looking for? 

Use the genres such as Rock, Classical, Jazz, etc.

Use the filters just above the record listings on the website. Not only do we use Discogs genres (first listed) for each and every record listed, we also include the "style" in our filter.

And if you don't see the record you want, there is a good chance we had it at one point. 

We also used to show people all of the records we sold. After selling ove 17,000  records as of 4/4/24, it just became unecessary. So, we just ask that you trust us. 

Want to learn how to trust us? Try us! One $5 record, as of 4/4/24, is only $10 shipped via Media Mail in a box appropriate for records. No pizza box shipping material here! 

We care too much. Just check our feedback.

Yes! We have merch and a full merch collection. You can view all of our merch online here on the Five Buck Bin merchandise collection.

Of note, all of our merchandise is print on demand. 

This means we do not have to stock any of it and it is printed as it is ordered. Beacuse of this, we can not include merch in our Free Ship Monday offering. In addition, merch ships separately from any record orders.