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Five Buck Bin Diggers

Five Buck Bin Diggers

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Introducing the Five Buck Bin Diggers Club!

Frequent shopper at Five Buck Bin? Ordering 4+ records a month? Say goodbye to shipping costs!

For just $20 a month, join the Diggers Club and unlock the ultimate vinyl adventure with FREE SHIP MONDAYS!

How It Works:

  1. Shop as many records as you want all week.
  2. Use the FREESHIP coupon at checkout.
  3. Every Monday, we ship your orders to your door—FREE!

Never miss a record drop due to shipping costs. Build your dream vinyl collection without breaking the bank!

Need your records sooner? Just select your desired shipping method. (Additional fees apply.)

Ready to join? Become a Digger today, click "Buy" on the membership, and start your vinyl adventure!

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