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Dudu Zakai, Dorit Re'uveni, Uzi Meiri, Dorit Penn - 51 Holiday Songs For Eyal

Dudu Zakai, Dorit Re'uveni, Uzi Meiri, Dorit Penn - 51 Holiday Songs For Eyal

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: Shabbat
A1: Today Is Friday - Hayom Yom Shishi
A2: Shabbat's Night - Erev Shabbat
A3: Lecha Dodi
A4: Who Likes The Shabbat - Mi Ohev Et Hashabbat
A5: Shabbat Shalom
: Rosh Hashana
A6: Summer Has Gone - Hakaitz Avar
A7: Happy New Year - Shana Tova
: Succot
A8: Hammer And Nail - Patish Mashmer
A9: Plan And Pole - Keresh Mot
A10: My Succa - Succati
A11: Guests For The Holiday - Orchim Lachag
A12: Shlomit Builds A Peace Succa - Shlomit Bona Succat Shalom
: Simchat Torah
A13: Be Joyous In Holiday - Sisu Vesimchu Besimchat Chag
A14: Be Joyous In Simchat Torah - Sisu Vesimchu Besimchat Torah
A15: Be Happy In Your Holiday - V'samachta B'chagecha
: Chanukah
A16: Maoz Tzur
A17: Chanukah Days - Ymey Hachanukah
A18: For Chanukah - Lechvod Hachanukah
A19: We Came To Bring Light - Banu Choshech Legaresh
A20: My Candle - Ner Li
A21: My Chanukiah - Chanukiah Li Yesh
A22: Small Jug - Kad Katan
A23: Spinning Top - Sevivon Sov Sov Sov
A24: Put Some Oil - Simu Shemen
A25: Doughnuts - Levivot
: Tu Bishvat
B1: The Almond Tree Is Blooming - Hashkedia Porachat
B2: The Planters Walking Like This - Hashotlim
B3: The Almond's Birthday - Yom Huledet Lashkedia
: Purim
B4: Purim Holiday - Chag Purim
B5: Shoshanat Yaakov
B6: I'm Purim - Ani Purim
B7: The Masks Song - Shir Hamasechot
B8: Purim Game - Mis'chak Purim
B9: Little Clown - Leitzan Katan
B10: A Happy Day - Yom Tov Lanu
: Pesach (Passover)
B11: The Rain Ended - Pana Hageshem
B12: Joy - Simcha Raba
B13: Ma Nishtana
B14: We Have Been Slaves
B15: Chad Gadia
B16: Moses In The Ark - Moshe Batevah
B17: When Israel Left Egypt - B'tzet Israel M'mitzraim
: Yom Ha'atzmaout (Independence Day)
B18: Flags All Over The Land - Kol Ha'aretz Degalim
B19: On Vehicle And On Foot - Mi Barechev Mi Baregel
B20: Jubilee Holiday - Chag Yovel
: Lag Be'omer
B21: Our Cross-bow - Kashtenu Al Shichmenu
B22: Bar-Kochba
: Shavuot
B23: Glorious Day - Yom Shel Ziv
B24: Our Basket On Our Shoulder - Saleinu Al Ktefeinu
B25: The Feast Of Pentecost - V'chag Shavuot Ta'asse Lecha
B26: Land Of Milk And Honey - Eretz Zavat Chalav

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